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      AC Single Phase Capacitor Operated Motors

      NCP75 Series

      (Output: 15~45W Approx.)

      Brief Introduction :

      1. The rated voltage can be from 100V to 240VAC. The frequency can be either 50Hz, or 60Hz, or 50/60Hz.

      2. Single speed, 2 speeds, 3 speeds or 4 speeds are all available.

      3. The motor can be made of 2 poles, 4 poles, 6 poles or 8 poles as needed.

      4. The standard shaft diameter (d) is ?8mm. It can be others, and with D-cuts, threads, etc.. Its length (L2) can be any as needed.

      5. The bearing brackets (housing) can be made either by steel sheet or by zinc-aluminum alloy, with or without a mounting flange.

      6. The rotor bearings can be of either sleeve bearings (bush) or ball bearings as needed to reach different lifetime.

      7. The motor rotation can be either in CW or CCW direction as needed.

      8. Motor with gearbox or synchronous motor for swing are both available。

      9. RoHS compliant is available.

      10. The motor is CCC certified. Certificate No.: 2017010401996939.

      Information download:

      P16-19 Nostop Capacitor Operated Motors NCP75 Series 20181225.pdf

      Typical Application :

      These motors are mainly used for Fans (Table Fans, Desk Fans, Floor Fans, Wall Fans, Box Fans, etc) and Ventilators.

      Outline Dimensions (All dimensions in millimeter) :

      NCP7516M with steel brackets but without gearbox, used for Desk Fan

      NCP7520A2 with no-flange alum. brackets, and no need gearbox

      Remarks: This catalog listed just some typical models. The performances as above are just for reference only. We can adjust our motor specifications according to what the customer needs. OEM & ODM are both welcome.