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      AC Single Phase Capacitor Operated Motors

      NCP110 Series (Output: 24~420W) Approx.)

      1. The rated voltage can be from 100V to 240VAC. The frequency can be either 50Hz, or 60Hz, or 50/60Hz.

      2. The motor can be made of 2 poles, 4 poles, 6 poles, etc as needed. Single speed, 2 speeds, 3 speeds or 4 speeds are all available.

      3. The standard shaft diameter (d) is ?8mm. It can be others, and with D-cuts, threads, etc.. Its length (L2) can be any as needed.

      4. The stator height (H) can be any from 20mm to 50mm.

      5. The bearing brackets (housing) can be made either by steel sheet or by zinc-aluminum alloy, with or without a mounting flange.

      6. The rotor bearings can be of either sleeve bearings (bush) or ball bearings as needed to reach different lifetime.

      7. The motor rotation can be either in CW or CCW direction as needed.

      8. RoHS compliant is available.

      9. The motor is CCC certified. Certificate No.: 2017010401996939.

      Information download:

      P25-28 Nostop Capacitor Operated Motors NCP110 Series.pdf

      Oil Extractor, Industrial Fan, Blower, Floor Fan, Water Heater, Bath Heater, Washing Machine, Bread Maker, etc.

      Outline Dimensions (All dimensions in millimeter) :

      Motor for Oil Extractor with a gearbox of i=25

      Motor for Oil Extractor without gearbox