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      我們不僅僅是向您提供 電機,重要的是給您提供  解決方案!! 網站正在升級改版中……
      聯系我們:(0086) 0750-2635680
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      Nostop advocates the concept of “zero defects” and “doing things right once”, produces products in strict accordance with ISO9001-2015 quality management standards. We believe that quality is created by production, not by inspection. Therefore, we require both self-inspection and mutual inspection in the production process which means the workers in next process are obliged to check the quality of previous process. We also apply advanced, highly automated equipment, high-precision molds, tooling, fixtures, etc.

      Products are mainly used for electric fans, exhaust fans, kitchen range hood, heaters, mosquito killers, refrigerators, freezers, electric ovens, air frying pans, air purifiers, mobile air conditioners, humidifiers, dehumidifiers, electromagnetic ovens, electric fireplaces, wall hanging stoves, light wave ovens, bread machines, food processors, atomizers, foot bath massage basin, automatic dryer, and other household appliances and personal care products.

      In order to continuously improve the level of operation and quality awareness of workers, we have also set up a dedicated training room to regularly conduct various training for employees.